I want to apologize that I haven’t been active recently. I have received a lot of hate and ‘kill yourself’ messages lately and that is the reason why I stayed away from here - I wanted to protect myself.

You guys deserve to know why I haven’t been active or/and why I haven’t responded to your messages, and this is the reason.

I hope you guys understand and I hope I can be back soon.

Love you all. xx

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surpriseforj: Hi! Can you and your followers do me a favor? My friend/crush is going through a rough time and gets stuck in his head/overthinks a lot. If y'all can submit a positive message for him it would mean a lot. The blog is a surprise. Thanks so much! =)

Wow, this is such a lovely idea. x

Let’s do this!

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Anonymous: you sound like you're really good with advice, is it alright if I vent to you on here?

Of course. x

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brentclifton: Bebe I love you<3

I love you too, sunshine. x

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