Anonymous: how do you get over someone?

I get a lot of questions like this, and I’m pretty sure that everybody has their own way to get over someone, but now I tell things that have helped me.

  • Do not hide your feelings. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you feel. Scream, cry your eyes out and shout if you feel like it.
  • Be honest with your feelings. You can have an emotional breakdown, it’s okay, but make sure that you get over it.
  • Lean on your friends. Friends can be a great help in getting over someone. They can give good advice, and they will support you.
  • Go out. Don’t just sit locked up in your room  -  hang out with friends and meet new people. It can help you to get your mind off things. Try to socialize a lot.
  • Realize that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. 
  • Take your time. It may not happen as quickly as you want it to, but you will get over him/her. I believe in you.
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