Anonymous: I had an audition for my school musical back in December. I tried out but I didn't do well. My voice was straining and I was so embarassed. Worse, one of the teachers laughed, and it still haunts me today & I have his class. What should I do? :'(

I’m sorry that you have to face something like that, sweetie. And I know that it’s hard to forget, but do something to get your mind off of it. Admit to yourself that you had an embarrassing moment, but that it’s okay - everyone has embarrassing moments!

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attractive-skeletons: Ur so genuinely nice and caring I hope your life turns out wonderful <3

Aww, thank you, love. I hope you have a wonderful day. x

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scarred-wrists-burned-fists: Why do you feel like shit darling? What happened?

It just seems that everything in my life has decided to fuck up at the same time.

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i feel like shit today.

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